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Custom image surveys from your CBCT scan.

Every CBCT sent to C&M is post processed by a licensed Dental X-Ray Technician. Our technicians also work in imaging centers throughout California performing CBCT, conventional 2D X-Ray, and intraoral 3D scanning by referral from local dentists. They are experts in CBCT image capture,  data management, image formation, and 3D post-processing techniques. Our image surveys support all dental modalities with the best diagnostic image surveys for any CBCT machine.

Mandible #19_003.jpg

Implant Survey

Cover page 3rd molar.jpg

3rd Molar/Impactions Survey

Facial pain Survey Collage for Website.jpg

Pain Survey

TMJ Cover Page.jpg

TMJ Survey

Standard Orthognathic Collage.jpg

Orthognathic Survey

Basic Ortho cover (Dolphin Ortho).jpg

Orthodontic Survey

NNT report page example-Maxilla Endo.jpg

Endodontic Survey


Sleep Apnea Survey

Sinus Collage.jpg

Sinus & Airway (OSAS) Survey

Maxilla_009 (1).jpg

General Dental Evaluation


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